General Introduction
Jiu Long Hardware and Stainless Steel Trading Center, called Jiu Long Cener, is located in the centre area of Guangfo International Business District of Dili Town Naihai District of Foshan City. Jiu Long Center is to the north of Guangfo Road, to the west of Guihe Road, to the south of the Guangfo Shinkansen and to the east of Nan Guo Commodity Center. Jiu Long Center is the core of Guangfo Golden Trade Corridor. What’s more, convenient traffic is the advantage of Jiu Long Center, which is playing an important role in Pearl River Delta Economic Zone.
The center has a total construction area of about 100,000 square meters, with more than 1,600 duplex shops, office buildings and apartments. The shops are distributed with the shape of "#,the Spun sign". The shops are on the street and the road is smooth. So far, about 310 businessmen settled in our Jiu Long Center. Various materials and different specifications of fasteners, stainless steel wire rod, bar, strip and so on are operating in our market.
Relying on well-developed logistics industry and the famous non-ferrous metal industrial base, Jiu Long Center will be become the strongest trading market of hardware and stainless steel materials in southern China.
Main Products
trade market of hardware and stainless steel
Most Competitive Products
trade market of hardware and stainless steel